Letters to the club:

Harriet Grady-Thomas

Name:  Harriet Grady-Thomas           11/25/06
From:  JB Pivots Beach Club
Club:  Charleston, Islanders, Orangeburg, OD Pavilion, Hilton Head, Etc
Website:  www.pivotsbeachclub.com

Comments:  Thank you for letting me know about your new website.  I am happy to exchange links and logo's with you.  I have sent my link to your webmaster.  Hope to be more active in your club as time permits.

Larry and Libba Duncan

Name:  Larry and Libba Duncan          11/25/06
From:  Columbia, SC

Comments:  We love the new website.  Larry and I have missed coming up on Wednesday nights.  We have been so busy lately.  We hope to see everyone soon.  You are all so friendly and make us feel welcome.  See all of you soon!!  Libba and Larry

Tony Adams

Name:  J. Tony Adams            12/14/06
From:  Elloree, SC
Club:  OASC
Website:  www.adamsauctiongallery.com

Comments:  Really looks good.  Enjoy being with the crowd on Wednesday nights.  Vicki & Tony

Linda Pate

Name:  Linda Pate         12/22/06
From:  Dorchester, SC
Club:  Orangeburg Area Shag Club

Comments:  Great job Ed & Jenny

Shawn & Laurie Taber

Name:  Shawn & Laurie Taber
Club:  Savannah Shag Club

Comments:  If the 2007 "Shaggin on the Santee" is anything like the new website, the party will be even better than ever!

See you in July.

Ed & Jenny Neal

Name:  Ed & Jenny Neal
Club: The Orangeburg Area Shag Club

Comments:  Since May 2nd our life has been changed and our top priorities in life challenged but our faith has grown, our friends like you have all remained by our sides, and each day Kyle's wounds heal.  Our family has been though so many ups and downs these past few months.  Kyle has a long road ahead of him, so please continue to keep him and us in your thoughts and prayers.  Your donations to his medical expenses have helped with the financial stress.  We will never forget your love, your concern, and just knowing you care.  Thanks again for remembering all of us during this time.

Larry and Linda Parker
Dear OASC Members,

Linda and I would like to thank you for your continued generous support and the donation from the Shag Club of three hundred dollars ($300) to the Miracle House.  As many of you know we partnered with the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge and rebuilt a house in Charleston at 273 Calhoun Street specifically for leukemia patients.  The entire Charleston Hope Lodge complex consists of four houses and all are free of charge to all cancer patients and their caregivers while they are undergoing treatment or transplant at local hospitals.

The Miracle House has been operational since August or 2008 and has been filled to capacity since opening.  This year we have been able to provide housing for those who otherwise would not have been able to receive the necessary treatment or transplant far from home, which is not only a financial strain, but an emotional one as well.  There have been several guests from this area who have stayed and are staying at the complex.  This year MUSC, which is the premier transplant center in South Carolina, will have done 100 transplants just for leukemia patients.

During this Christmas Season, while each of us remembers, and is thankful for, all of our blessings, we are requesting your support for the Miracle House through monetary donations.  Please check out or web site for the entire story of the Miracle House and see the various ways you can donate on line.  This Christmas we also have a printable donation page on line for people you may want to remember through a monetary donation to the Miracle House.

Once again, we thank you for your friendship and your support!

Larry and Linda Parker.



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